Getting your House Construction, Villa Construction, Duplex Construction done for the FIRST TIME!! CONFUSED!!

?    Wondering which is the Best Home Architect in Bangalore/ Luxury Home Architect in Bangalore/ Famous Home Architect in Bangalore. 

?    Steps for Building your Home.

?    What is the per sqft construction cost in Bangalore/ Home construction Cost in Bangalore/Villa construction cost  in Bangalore?

?    Planning a duplex and want to know the duplex house construction cost in Bangalore

?    How many days does it take for home construction completion.

?    Home construction tips.

?    What architecture to choose from.

?    What Home Construction Material TO use.

?    What should be the Home Elevation Design.

?    Cost for Plan sanctioning.

?    How can my life style, comforts and ease of living be integrated in a good “HOME” design.

?    How can nature be integrated or conservation of natural resources (like a GREEN HOME) be done in my HOME design.

?    Whom should I choose for my Home Construction/ Villa construction/Duplex construction

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