A great Industry requirement but with limited experienced contracting firms available to support

Every Industry/ Manufacturing unit needs regular support for their industrial building renovation or old factory renovation. However this can be a nightmare as you need specialized contracting firms to support these activities. Yearly Budgets are allocated in Industries for maintenance purpose and it can all go down the drain if the right construction/contracting company is not hired.

Finding such specialized companies is a challenge for industries and they mostly end up getting such works done by local contractors with limited exposure. Hiring bigger contracting firms is not a possible solution as they may not come up for smaller works OR may charge a huge cost ( due to their operational expenses) which may not be feasible to allocate for these industries.  

We at Artscape Projects are leading Industrial Architecture firm based out of Bangalore and have a strong contracting division with years of experience in factory renovation architecture. We not only support Industries to with their projects from green fields to final operational manufacturing units but also support them for their yearly Renovation, Rectification & Maintenance works.

Reach us out and it shall be our pleasure to support you.

Artscape can execute industry or factory renovation and maintenance projects all across India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR and other cities in India).