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Artscapes extensive experience in the field of Architecture and Contracting helps us to provide a one stop solution to our clients for all their Design and Build needs. Our team of highly experienced professionals will take the complete ownership of the project right from the initial conceptualization stage to the final handover of the site. This brings in a lot of advantages to the clients as follows.

  • Design and Build contract provides a single source of responsibility. Coordination is often a problem in Industrial projects. However in Design & Build the Architect/Contractor has singular responsibility for both Construction & Design. This will enable quicker decisions in tandem with the clients enabling a smooth and timely execution of the project rather than involving multiple agencies.

  • The Architect/Contractor has singular responsibility for any defects in Construction & Design . The owner can recover directly from the contractor for deficiencies in either design or construction of the project. Therefore, the owner need not determine initially whether a defect was caused by an error in design or construction. In a more traditional construction contract, this issue must be resolved so that the owner can determine whether the design professional or the contractor is at fault. It is the legal responsibility of the Architect/Contractor for the design, construction, quality, structural soundness, durability, suitability and satisfactory performance of the complete work.

  • Architect/Contractor bears any additional costs that may occur as a result of using defective or inadequate plans prepared by his engineering team. Because the owner warrants the sufficiency of the plans in a typical construction contract, he is liable for any increased costs because of defective or inadequate plans. In a Design & Build contract, the Architect/Contractor is responsible for design as well as construction and agrees to meet the owner’s performance specifications rather than merely build the structure. Thus, if the plans are inadequately designed, the contractor is then unable to look to the owner for additional compensation.

  • In Design & Build contract ithe project can often be completed within a shorter period of time than with the traditional three-party arrangement since the construction can begin before the entire plans and specifications are completed. This time savings results from designing the project in phases so that the contractor can begin work on the initial phase of the project while the later phases are being designed. No corresponding time savings occur in a three-party contractual arrangement because the contractor often does not even bid, much less begin work, until the design professional has finalized the plans.

  • Client does an overall lot of cost saving due to involvement of a single agency who take the entire ownership

  • In addition, the Architect/Contractor control over design details allows them to use familiar construction methods and processes in building the structure, with the result of much more efficient construction. These savings ultimately benefit the owner.

  • At Artscape, we believe that our combined experience, diversity and technology allow us to bring your project the best services available and look forward to working with you in the future.

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Our Projects

We also do

  • Industrial Architecture

    Artscape has done more than 5 Lakhs Sqft of Design and Build for Industrial Buildings all catering to international clients.

  • Commercial Architecture

    With extensive exposure in Commercial domain we provide our clients with workable and practical design solutions.

  • Residential Architecturet

    Space utilization is an art which is followed religiously by our team enabling every inch to be used in the right sense and thus enabling optimal usage of spaces.

  • Hospitality Architecture

    We provide tailor made solutions to all our clients enabling to get their ideas to reality and offering the best in class

  • Interior Designers

    We at Artscape bring all elements together to provide you a home which reflects luxury, style, elegance and at the same time providing extensive comfort.